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Should I Dormant Seed My Lawn This Winter?

Frost Covered Lawn

Winter is here, but don’t think that means you have lost the ability to help your lawn! Dormant seeding is a great way to help make sure your lawn is ready to look great when the weather begins to warm up.

Frost Covered Lawn Ready For Dormant Seed

What Is Dormant Seeding?

Dormant seeding is the process of seeding your lawn after the normal growing season. The seeds will be ready to become little baby grass plants when the weather conditions are right. We dormant seed when the weather will be consistently cold, under 40 degrees. December and January are ideal. The cold weather allow for the seeds to lay dormant in the soil, waiting for temperatures to warm up, usually in late March. August and September are still the best months to seed. If you missed your ideal window, you still have options.

Why Seed in the Winter?

  • Research shows that dormant seeding produces grass plants up to 15 days earlier than spring seeding.
  • Because we seed in the winter, the soil is so much more dry and pliable, it’s easier to get seed to soil contact.
  • Your seeded lawn won’t require water until spring and mother nature does a pretty good job of providing that!
  • In cold weather, there will be less of a need for weed and disease control strategies.


If you dormant seed this winter, delay your crab-grass-prevention application until after you have mowed your new grass seed at least twice. Of course, follow the directions on the label of your choice of weed control for specific directions. We manage all of that for you if you would rather have us take care of the scheduling! For best results, we suggest utilizing professional lawn care services in order to ensure the benefits of dormant seeding.

For any questions or inquiries regarding your options for winter services, contact us today or give us a call at (913) 782-8315.

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