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What Are You Doing About Your Fall Leaf Cleanup?

Leaves left on your lawn for more than a couple weeks in the fall can thin your lawn, bring on disease and cost you money.

Why does my lawn look ‘fuzzy’?

Lawn grass seed heads can give the lawn a bit of a funny look this time of year. They may even look like weeds. Here is what they are, why they are there and what you can do to make them impact the appearance of your lawn for as short a time as possible.

Is Your Lawn Sick? 5 Fungal Diseases & What to Do about Them

The rain and warmer temperatures from late May and early June have fungus doing a lot of damage to lawns in the Kansas City area. If you’re looking for guidance on how to prevent fungus from destroying your lawn, Custom Lawn & Landscape has your solution. There’s no fun in fungal lawn diseases, which is Read More >

How to Create Professional Lawn Mowing Patterns

Have you always been envious of those striped patterns in your neighbor’s lawn? Have you always wanted to know how to cut patterns in your lawn? How to mow stripes in a lawn, how to mow a diamond pattern? Did you think it took special equipment or professional lawn mowing companies to achieve that look? Read More >

4 Best Types of Grass for Your Kansas City Lawn

Choosing the right variety of grass to plant in your Kansas City area lawn can be a bit confusing, especially if you are trying to grow grass in the shade. Different varieties have different pros and cons. To make it a bit easier to decide, the team at Custom Lawn & Landscape has narrowed it Read More >

[Infographic] 10 Expert Mowing Tips to Save You Time & Money

Are you struggling to keep your lawn healthy and green? Have you run out of time and energy to keep up your mowing routine? Learning to mow like a pro can take an immense amount of knowledge and experience, which is why the experts at Custom Lawn are breaking down the most important tips to Read More >

12 Lawn Care Myths Busted for National Lawn Care Month

There is a lot of information about lawn care floating around out there. Some of it is true. Some of it is not. The experts at Custom Lawn & Landscape have gathered some of the most popular lawn care myths to expose them for National Lawn Care Month. Read on to learn what to do Read More >

Mow Like a Pro: How to Avoid These Top 10 Lawn Mowing Mistakes

Most homeowners may not know it, but improper mowing is one of the most common causes of lawn problems. Luckily, it’s an easy problem to fix. It’s much easier than trying to diagnose a disease or pest problem or remedy mold or weed issues. Custom Lawn and Landscape has put together some basic lawn mowing Read More >

Put 56 Hours Back in Your Summer – Hire a Pro to Mow Your Lawn

The average homeowner in Kansas City spends an hour every time they mow their lawn (based on a half-acre lot). Since mowing season spans April through October, (28 weeks) and the average person mows twice a week (2 hours), that adds up to a whopping 56 hours spent just mowing. Of course, if your lot Read More >

Save Time and Improve Your Lawn by Using This Lazy Man’s Mowing Tip

If you take pride in your lawn, and want it to be as healthy as possible, we’ve got a great tip for you. You may not realize it, but using a grass catcher on your lawn mower is an extra step that adds time to your mowing and is completely unnecessary. Furthermore, you might actually Read More >

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