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Lenexa Lawn Care Services & Mowing

Custom Lawn and Landscape has been providing affordable, expert landscaping, mowing and lawn care services for the Lenexa area for years and our staff of highly educated field technicians are second to none. Trained in the science of grass seeding, soil aeration, and automatic sprinkler system maintenance, our staff helps keep Lenexa lawns stay beautiful year round. We are a full-service lawn care company that handles:

  • Tree Pruning and Care
  • Shrub Pruning and Care
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Lawn Seeding and Verticutting


Lawn Care Programs for Your Lenexa Home

Custom Lawn and Landscape can provide a full year lawn care program for your Lenexa lawn. We understand that every lawn is different, so we make sure the lawn care products we use will work with your particular turf. Custom Lawn uses Integrated Pest Management, which uses the safest products available from an ecological standpoint. Your lawn care technician will have at least 5 years of experience, is college degreed, and will be the same technician that comes to your Lenexa, Kansas, home for each application. Call us today, and we will design the proper lawn care program for your home.

Sprinkler System Repairs, Maintenance, and Winterization

Custom Lawn also has a Nationally Certified Irrigation Technician on staff to handle any sprinkler repair or maintenance. An automatic sprinkler system is one of the most valuable investments you can make, and when properly programmed, saves a great deal on water costs while efficiently wetting the soil. Custom Lawn and Landscape will maintain and service your Lenexa sprinkler system year round. We will repair any problems and perform winterization procedures, including blowing out the system before a freeze. Periodic checking of the automatic features of these advanced mechanisms is also included in our sprinkler maintenance service. Our technician can handle irrigation turn on, backflow testing, sprinkler repair, sprinkler head adjustment, and winterization.

We Provide Aeration, Seeding, and Verticutting For Your Lenexa Lawn

The health of a lawn starts with the soil, and when seeding a yard it is vital to keep the ground moist and at a constant density. Proper core aeration opens up the soil to the outside air, promoting stronger, deeper grassroots and a healthier sod base. Our staff will test the soil condition and determine if more than just fertilizer is needed, both before and after seeding. In the Lenexa area, the best time to verticut, aerate and seed the lawn is in the fall. The temperatures start to cool off, so it’s easier for the lawn to grow and stay moist from consistent watering.

Whether it’s setting up a lawn mowing schedule, contracting for periodic tree pruning or to determining whether advanced lawn care is needed, Lenexa homeowners have a local friend upon whom you can call at any time of year. Custom Lawn and Landscape provides complete maintenance of the lawn, soil, trees and shrubs and our commitment to creating the perfect backyard, garden or flower bed is unrivaled in the industry.

Call Custom Lawn & Landscape for your Lenexa Lawn Services at (913) 782-8315.

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The Custom Lawn Advantage

  • Your Personal Technician has a college degree, is experienced, and is your trusted advisor.
  • Environmentally Responsible Approach - Our top concerns are you and your family’s safety & the long term health of our beautiful planet.
  • Always available with a friendly voice.
  • Our goal is to always provide honest advice & real solutions to our customers.
  • We provide full service-residential & commercial lawn care, mowing, & irrigation services. We also maintain your trees, shrubs and landscape.
  • Locally owned by the same family since 1981.

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