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Overland Park Lawn Care Company

Custom Lawn & Landscape services Overland Park, KS and the Johnson County area for professional lawn care, aeration, seeding, lawn mowing, and sprinkler service. The appearance of the lawn and overall landscaping of an Overland Park home speaks volumes. It can greatly enhance the beauty of the house itself, but constant lawn maintenance is required to ensure the health of the grass and other foliage during both the long, hot and humid summers and the colder, drier winter months. Custom Lawn and Landscape has years of experience with lawn care, installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems, and grass seeding. Our professional Overland Park lawn care services are matched only by our affordable prices.

Overland Park Lawn Care by Custom Lawn

Custom Lawn Provides the Following Lawn Care Services:


A Full Service Lawn Care Company For Overland Park Homes

Going green and being environmentally conscious is what Custom Lawn and Landscape is all about. Our field technicians are highly educated in the areas of agriculture and soil conditions, and can transform a dull, drab lawn or backyard into a relaxing, fun place to enjoy while keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Not only does Custom Lawn & Landscape offer premium lawn mowing and mulch removal services, our personnel are expert gardeners who can keep the yard looking its best throughout the year. Johnson County lawns require different amounts of water at various times of the year because of the wide temperature swings and the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, and creating a custom lawn sprinkler system with 21st century programming is one sure way to keep the grass healthy through the changing seasons.

Custom Lawn can also design a 7-step lawn care program for your home.

We Aerate, Verticut, and Seed Your Johnson County Lawn

A healthy lawn begins with proper soil and seeding. Core aeration just after seeding produces a healthier base that does not result in accelerated compaction of the soil. The grass seed used has been developed to resist disease and drought, and when watered on schedule with a new sprinkler system, this type of maintained lawn will be the talk of the neighborhood.

From lawn mowing services and lawn care programs to tree pruning, and from healthy seeding procedures to disease and blight prevention, Custom Lawn and Landscape is the Overland Park lawn care company of choice. Our reputation for caring, professional lawn service is well known, and you can relax and watch the beauty of your property increase the value of your home.

The Best Overland Park Lawn Mowing Service

Mowing your lawn is much more than just starting the mower and cutting the grass. It’s important to make sure your lawn is mowed at the proper time and at the proper height. The way you mow your lawn is really important to the overall health and can be the difference in a beautiful, lush lawn and one that dies during the first hint of hot weather. The professionals at Custom Lawn & Landscape provide the best lawn mowing in Overland Park, Kansas.

Our Custom Lawn Advantage

  • Providing one technician for your home. Your lawn care professional is college degreed and is your expert.
  • We provide full service. We handle lawn mowing, aeration, seeding, sprinkler service, and tree and shrub care.
  • We are locally-based and family owned, with over 30 years of experience in the Overland Park, Kansas area.


Call Custom Lawn & Landscape for your Overland Park, KS Lawn Care and Landscaping Services at (913) 782-8315 and check out our 13 Pro Lawn Seeding Secrets for by clicking the image below!

Overland Park Lawn Seeding Tips

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First Application Free of 7 Lawn Insect Applications
Tree and Shrub Disease and Insect Control. 1 Free with 6 application program.

The Custom Lawn Advantage

  • Your Personal Technician has a college degree, is experienced, and is your trusted advisor.
  • Environmentally Responsible Approach - Our top concerns are you and your family’s safety & the long term health of our beautiful planet.
  • Always available with a friendly voice.
  • Our goal is to always provide honest advice & real solutions to our customers.
  • We provide full service-residential & commercial lawn care, mowing, & irrigation services. We also maintain your trees, shrubs and landscape.
  • Locally owned by the same family since 1981.

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