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Do I really need a lawn care application right now?

The lawn care applications Custom Lawn does in the fall might be the most important applications of the year.

At Custom Lawn, we apply two lawn care applications later than many lawn care companies in the Kansas City area do. We do so because those two applications are critical to the lawn’s appearance and performance in the spring.

Our typical mid-fall lawn application is a spray application with a broad-leaf weed control product. Weeds like dandelion, plantain, and clover can germinate in the early fall when temperatures cool. We can also see early germination of winter broad-leaf weeds like chickweed and henbit. These weeds will persist well into the winter and early spring if untreated. They are much easier to control and require less herbicide when small if treated early and adequately. We also include a foliar micro-nutrient fertilizer that helps the grass enter winter in a very healthy condition. This application also does a great job of preparing the lawn for the winterizer application. 

We apply the lawn winterizer, which we work hard to time for after the lawn has quit growing vertically, in late November and December. This is a very heavy application of nitrogen. Nitrogen is the nutrient that is mostly responsible for the growth of your lawn. The lawn uses the nitrogen applied this time of year to grow thicker, deeper roots. Winter rain and snow moves the nitrogen into the soil. There it is available for the lawn to use when the soil warms up in the spring. We specifically time the lawn winterizer to maximize how your lawn looks and performs not only through the winter months but in the early spring of next year. 

Spring Lawn With Winterizer Applied

Treated with


It may seem as though Custom Lawn makes lawn applications later than your lawn needs them. In reality, well after your lawn is done growing up, it is growing under the ground. Our lawn applications in the late fall and early winter work very well to ensure your lawn is healthy all winter and looks great next spring. If you have any questions about your lawn, don’t hesitate to call us at the office or reach out to your lawn technician directly.

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