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Prairie Village, KS Lawn Care Company

Prairie Village homeowners can rely on Custom Lawn and Landscape for complete, professional mowing and lawn care, expert grass seeding and soil aeration, and sprinkler service that is second to none. Properly maintained, a home’s lawn, garden, trees and shrubbery will not only make your residence more attractive, they will also increase your home’s value. Custom Lawn full services include:

  • Lawn Aeration and Seeding
  • Mowing Service
  • Sprinkler Repairs, Maintenance, and Winterization
  • Lawn Verticutting
  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • Lawn Care Programs and Fertilization


Environmentally Safe Lawn Care Programs

The professional lawn techs at Custom Lawn and Landscape want to make your Prairie Village home a toxic-free place to live, so we use natural fertilizers and pest control substances for your lawn care programs. Our special attention to the water table and the absorption rate of the soil means that the yard will be free from overly dry patches and the normal drainage of the land will not be adversely affected. In addition, our landscaping practices include prompt removal of mulch after mowing and constant monitoring of plant health in general. Custom Lawn and Landscape treats the property as if it were our own.

We Provide Core Aeration, Seeding and Verticutting in Prairie Village

Custom Lawn also recommends aerating, verticutting and seeding your lawn from time to time. Core aeration can help with soil that has become compacted, and also can help with the build up of thatch. Verticutting is also important to your lawn because it helps to create a good seedbed for seeding your lawn. Our lawn technician can recommend the technique that your lawn needs and at the best times. Usually the best time to aerate and plant grass seed is in the fall when the temperatures start to cool down. Call Custom Lawn, and we will be glad to provide a free estimate to aerate, seed, or verticut your lawn.

Sprinkler System Repair & Service For Your Prairie Village Home

Part of overall lawn care is the careful planning of how to keep the soil moist and the rate of grass growth under control. A well-designed sprinkler system will ensure that the soil is receiving the correct amount of water not only during the hot and humid Prairie Village summers but also in the cooler, drier winter season. The mowing schedule of every lawn is different so we will evaluate the growth rate of the grass and also monitor the soil compaction, providing aeration services to help the soil remain at a constant density.

Shrub and Tree Pruning

Trees and shrubs on your property are key components of the overall appearance of the yard, and proper maintenance requires moderate pruning not only in the spring but also in the autumn. Fuller, healthier trees afford more shade and protection, and the expert field technicians at Custom Lawn and Landscape will evaluate their health, apply natural fertilizers when necessary and provide tree-trimming service to remove dead undergrowth.

Complete Lawn Care Services

From seeding services to soil aeration, the professionals at Custom Lawn and Landscaping will provide complete lawn, soil and tree health maintenance for your Prairie Village home. Being a local company, we know the climate of the region, what pests to control, and how to perform correct watering and drainage techniques. A property under our care literally blossoms and makes your residence a more enjoyable place to call home.

Contact Custom Lawn for Lawn Care services in Prairie Village and be sure to check out our Lawn Seeding Guide by clicking the link below!

Don't waste your time doing it wrong! Avoid rookie seeding mistakes with these tips.

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The Custom Lawn Advantage

  • Your Personal Technician has a college degree, is experienced, and is your trusted advisor.
  • Environmentally Responsible Approach - Our top concerns are you and your family’s safety & the long term health of our beautiful planet.
  • Always available with a friendly voice.
  • Our goal is to always provide honest advice & real solutions to our customers.
  • We provide full service-residential & commercial lawn care, mowing, & irrigation services. We also maintain your trees, shrubs and landscape.
  • Locally owned by the same family since 1981.

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