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How to Create Professional Lawn Mowing Patterns

Have you always been envious of those striped patterns in your neighbor’s lawn? Have you always wanted to know how to cut patterns in your lawn? How to mow stripes in a lawn, how to mow a diamond pattern? Did you think it took special equipment or professional lawn mowing companies to achieve that look? Read More >

4 Best Types of Grass for Your Kansas City Lawn

Choosing the right variety of grass to plant in your Kansas City area lawn can be a bit confusing, especially if you are trying to grow grass in the shade. Different varieties have different pros and cons. To make it a bit easier to decide, the team at Custom Lawn & Landscape has narrowed it Read More >

Deep Root Fertilization: How to Help Your Trees & Shrubs This Winter!

Winter can be hard on trees and shrubs, but instead of risking their winter well-being this year, consider deep root fertilization! It’s the best thing you can do for your trees and shrubs this winter. Read on for all the details from your  Custom Lawn Experts! Protect Your Valuable Landscaping Landscaping can require expensive upkeep. Read More >

Improve Your Lawn Next Spring By Doing These 3 Things NOW!

It’s fall in Kansas City! The long summer days have given way to the shorter days and longer nights of fall. As with every new season, fall brings its share of essential outdoor chores! One of the most important chores you can do is your fall clean-up. Believe it or not, this period before your Read More >

A Seedy Little Story: Overseeding Your KC Lawn in the Fall

Kansas City summers can be tough on your lawn. Thicken your lawn and return it to its lush glory by overseeding. What is overseeding? Overseeding is putting down new grass seed over an existing lawn to fill in thin and patchy areas. In addition to restoring damage from heat, traffic, disease, or insects, it can Read More >

Tips for Aerating and Verticutting Your Lawn

Fall is the best time to fertilize, aerate or verticut, and seed your lawn. In fact, everything you do to improve the health of your lawn in the three months leading up to winter is reactive, meaning it will wildly improve your lawn for next spring! When it comes to verticutting and seeding, many of Read More >

Lawn Aeration 101: The Key to a Healthy, Lush Lawn

Aerating your lawn is an essential part of maintenance to keep your landscape looking its best.  Aeration involves punching small holes into the lawn and removing plugs or cores of dirt and thatch. It can be done on a DIY basis, but does require an aeration machine. Why Should You Aerate Your Lawn? Aerating your Read More >

The Ultimate Guide to Your Sprinkler System and Summer Watering

Symptoms of an Unloved Sprinkler Let’s face it, it’s easy to forget about your sprinklers. All but invisible most of the day, your sprinklers work tirelessly to care for your lawn while you’re away by saving you both money and time. When they’re really good at their job, sprinklers are just about unnoticeable and tend Read More >

Stop Summer Pests in Their Tracks with Lawn Treatments

If you have pets, you may already know that fighting a flea infestation can be a nightmare. Not only can they make your pet an itchy mess (especially if they have flea allergies), but they can also transmit parasites such as tapeworms and flea-borne spotted fever. While ticks may seem like a small issue, they Read More >

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