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Don’t Delay! Spring Weed Control Starts Sooner Than You Think

custom-lawn-pre-emergent-application-spring-weedsRandom warm days in Kansas City can leave homeowners dreaming of warm spring days in the backyard. Right now, you might be thinking you still have a long time before you’ll have to start lawn care again, but what many don’t realize is that weed control starts sooner than regular lawn care. Right now is the best time to give your lawn the treatment it needs to be weed free. Here are a few things you can do to prepare:

Remove Branches, Leaves, etc.

Winter winds love to help remaining leaves find hiding places in shrubs, patio furniture, and along garden edging. Trees drop twigs and limbs that need to be gathered and disposed of. Once you have removed the top layer of mess, you can assess the condition of the grass and come up with a plan for weed treatment.

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Do a Quick Raking of the Grass

Find any brown spots that appear matted down and rake them up. If you find any moldy spots, rake those too. Sunlight and better airflow will help the mold dry up and the grass to grow back easier. This will also help you assess the damage done by winter and show you what needs the most work.

Apply a Pre-emergent to Your Lawn

Now, for the important stuff. Pre-emergents are weed-killing products that destroy the sprout before it emerges from the soil. Dandelions, crabgrass, nutsedge, broadleaf plantain, and clover can be virtually non-existent if you plan accordingly.

Because this product has to be used before the weed seed germinates, proper timing is essential. Mid-February is the best time to use a pre-emergent, but to ensure you get the timing just right, we suggest calling the pros at Custom Lawn to apply it for you. Here are a few more reasons why you may want to have a professional apply this product:

  • Different types of weeds need different pre-emergents.
  • It needs to be applied before soil temperatures reach 55-60 degrees.
  • Even distribution is critical.
  • A precise amount of water is required.
  • Most lawns require multiple applications.

After applying pre-emergent, most grass seeds will not grow. Depending on the product, you may need to wait at least eight weeks before new grass seed can be applied. This is another reason it may be best to leave your lawn to the experts at Custom Lawn.

A pre-emergent will allow you to easily prevent the pesky weeds that wreak havoc on your beautiful lawn. Give the experts at Custom Lawn a call today to ensure that your lawn is on the list for some spring preparation!


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