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4 Simple Tips for Winter Pruning & Snow Maintenance

winter pruning in kansas cityIt’s wintertime -the cold has set in, and nature has gone into hibernation until springtime. However, there are a few tasks to remember to complete in your yard before you do too!

Your garden needs regular care in order to see the cold season through the best that it can. The good news is Custom Lawn & Landscape is here to help! Here are four simple winter pruning and snow maintenance tips to get you started.

Need a month-by-month guide for your lawn care? We’ve got you covered:

1. Winter Pruning Is a Must

It’s not just a summer job! Pruning is still helpful in winter as deciduous shrubs and trees shed their leaves. Removing any branches located towards the middle of your trees and shrubs will let in much-needed light and air. However, do not prune spring blooming bushes! The buds have already grown, so pruning them will result in fewer blooms come springtime.

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2. Keep a Clean Space

Clearing away debris is also key in making room for healthy roots. Anything damaged, diseased, or dead has gotta go. Likewise, be sure to remove any unnecessary shoots before they get in the way and inhibit growth.

3. Clear Snow Buildup

snow on trees and shrubsIt may not look like it, but snow can get heavy pretty quickly. Too much snow and it can end up causing strain on your trees and shrubs.

Make sure to remove snow and ice whenever it forms to reduce undue stress and damage. Giving your shrubs a rounded top when you trim them will help prevent some of the buildup.

4. Pull Weeds

We get it. Pulling weeds is never fun. Nevertheless, winter is the ideal time to get this onerous task done. Weed sprouts are the first to germinate when it warms up, so getting rid of them beforehand will keep you one step ahead of the game!

This winter, give your lawn and shrubs the care that they deserve. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at (913) 782-8315!

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