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The Best Black Friday Bargains for Your Lawn & Garden


A hammock for Christmas? Sure, why not?! While everyone is dreaming of a white Christmas, many tend to forget about those warm weather, out-of-season patio, lawn, and garden items that go on sale during Black Friday.

You may not want to gift a loved one a rake for Christmas, but who wouldn’t love a hammock or gorgeous water feature for next spring? Whether you are shopping for your own lawn and garden needs or hoping to finalize your Christmas list early, here are some great bargains to look out for:

Deals on Pricey Patio Accessories

garden-gnome-black-friday-finds-custom-lawn-landscape-kcIf you’ve had a secret longing for a garden gnome, now’s the time to find it on clearance in the garden center. Snatch one up! Or two, or three! These make for fun gifts at holiday parties and are great as a white elephant gift at your next gift exchange.

But, on a more serious note, the prime time for patio furniture and barbecue grills to go on sale is while retail centers are making room for holiday lawn decorations, which is usually just in time for Black Friday. Use this as an opportunity to redecorate the patio at a huge discount and have it ready when the spring thaw arrives. Accessories like bird feeders and wind chimes can be had for a steal, and also make excellent and unique gift ideas.

Great Finds for Lawn Supplies

What are some of the cold weather disasters that can happen with your lawn care? The most frequent disaster is busted pipes and cracked hoses due to improper sprinkler system winterization. So, while stores are marking down everything related to spring and summer, grab up some extra garden hoses. Toss a shovel into the basket as well, in case you have to dig out a leaky pipe.

Also, look for closeouts of seeds and seedling starter supplies like pots and potting soil. You could even give a garden starter kit as a unique gift. Hand trowels, garden gloves, decorative pots, and classics like lawn flamingoes are all wonderful gift ideas for a special someone who you know loves to garden.

Don’t Forget to Winterize Your Lawn

While you are focused on the lawn and garden deals, don’t forget to take care of winterizing your lawn. Another idea for that loved one who is eco-minded, loving all things green, why not gift them something that is amazingly green like a tree or shrubbery service call from our experts at Custom Lawn & Landscape?

Have you prepared your lawn for winter? Better make sure! Know what your lawn needs during every season with our free month-by-month, idiot-proof lawn care guide. Click the button below for your free download!



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