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Plagued by Brown Spots? Here are 4 Causes & Solutions for Your Lawn

brown spots on lawn in kansas cityLawn brown spots are an eyesore for homeowners; these noticeable spots stick out from an otherwise green and well-maintained lawn, and their causes can sometimes be a mystery.

Custom Lawn is breaking down the 4 main causes of brown spots, how you can treat them, and even prevent them from occurring in the first place!

4 Causes of Lawn Brown Spots

  1. Over- or under-watering. If you’re watering your lawn too much, or if your lawn has insufficient drainage, sitting water cannot be absorbed by the grass and will actually kill grass roots, resulting in brown spots. Of course, your lawn still needs some water to stay green, so don’t under-water either.
  2. Poor soil quality. The quality of your lawn’s soil can vary, with some spots being richer in nutrients than others. This can result in patchy brown spots, if some sections of your grass aren’t getting the nutrients they need.
  3. Insects. There are a variety of insects that can plague your lawn and cause disease, such as grubs, chinch bugs, caterpillars, fungal diseases, and other pests.
  4. Improper mowing. Dull mower blades or setting the blades too low can actually damage the grass rather than making a clean cut.


  • If overwatering is the issue, try aerating your soil with one-inch deep holes throughout the lawn, allowing the water to penetrate deeper into the soil.
  • For those who are under-watering, but don’t have the time to spray down the lawn, consider installing a professional irrigation system.
  • Fertilize your lawn or add organic matter to improve the soil quality.
  • If you suspect insects might be the cause of your brown spots, inspect the grass closely and pull up a section of grass to inspect the dirt below. Insect control products are available at most home improvement stores, but the best solution is prevention; dying grass attracts many pests, so ensure your lawn is properly aerated and nutrient-rich to discourage pests from settling in.
  • Make sure your lawn mower blades are sharpened every year, and check the setting of your blades to make sure they’re not cutting too low.

Contact us today for more information on lawn brown spots. For any other help keeping your lawn looking its best, download our month-by-month lawn care guide by clicking the image below!


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