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Fall Lawn Maintenance

Fertilizing your lawn this fall will make all the difference.

Don’t have time to aerate, seed or verticut your lawn? Do these 3 very important lawn applications this fall or winter. Your lawn will love you for it:

Thick Green LawnApplication 1 between September 1st and October 15th:

Apply a heavy recovery fertilizer with quick releasing nitrogen at 5# per 1000 square feet. Look for 30-0-X or higher with urea, or ammonium nitrogen source. A typical Kansas City or Overland Park lawn is around 7,000 square feet. You will notice a near immediate color response. You will also notice the grass growing again, not so fast you can’t keep up with it but fast enough that it will begin to take on a fuller more healthy appearance. Water this in as soon as it is convenient to do so. Staying on a regular watering schedule if we are not getting normal rain is key to having the best lawn any time of year. It is especially important in the fall when things can have a tendency to dry out some.

Application 2 after September 15th but before the end of November:

You should look for a complete lawn application of a broad leaf weed control product. Did you know that dandelions actually get their start in the fall? By treating in the fall, you can avoid your lawn getting that early flush of dandelions with the first spring rain, before you can get out to do your spring weed & feed treatment. Many of these products also include a heavy dose of micro-nutrients and essential amino acids for your lawn as well. Adding micro-nutrients to your lawn is important to the grass. Micro’s provide that good green color and full look that you want your lawn to have.

Application 3 some time before February 1st:

A fast releasing winterizer fertilizer. Look to use straight urea, 46-0-0 or a urea-ammonium sulfate blend 30-0-0. Your lawn’s roots are growing long after the top of the plant stops growing. This fertilizer will feed the early winter root development process and also contributes to the grass plant adding to its energy reserves so it can make it through a dry, cold winter without drying out completely and keeping the plant ready to recover and green up beautifully once spring rain and soil temperatures promote grass plant growth. The lawns get a proper winterizer fertilizer to are always the first and fastest to get green in the spring. No amount of early spring fertilizer can match the effectiveness of a properly timed winterizer fertilizer application when the right material is used.

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