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Autumn Lawn Care & Sprinkler Tips

fall leaf removal and lawn careWhile summer may be over, it doesn’t mean that you are done with your lawn. For a healthy lawn next year, be sure that you check off certain items on your fall lawn care list. The fact is that if you do nothing for autumn lawn care, you may be very disappointed when spring comes and your lawn is in poor condition.

Leaf Removal

If leaves build up on your lawn and are left over the winter, by the time spring comes, your lawn could be suffering from mold and bacteria issues. Along with this, the leaves will prevent sun from getting to the grass and it will not grow. Leaf removal ensures you a healthier lawn come spring.

Reseed Your Lawn

Another part of your fall lawn care should be to reseed your lawn. The sun will help the seeds to sprout, but at this time of year, it is not strong enough to cause the seeds to dry up. The sprouts will get a good enough start so that when spring arrives, the grass will start to grow.

Weed Removal

Autumn lawn care also includes spending some time on weed removal. If the roots of the weeds are allowed to dig in deep throughout the winter, they will be even tougher to remove in the spring. In many cases, a simple weed removal product will take care of the problem.

Sprinkler Winterization

After your lawn has been reseeded and the sprouts have started to grow, you must prepare your sprinkler system for cold weather. Sprinkler winterization simply involves draining all of the water out of the system so that it will not freeze in cold temperatures.

Fall lawn care may not be what you want to do or even have time for, but if you ignore the above chores, your lawn will not be healthy come spring. If you have any questions or concerns about your lawn care this fall, contact Custom Lawn at (913) 648-9404.


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