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Wet and Soggy Weather Can Cause Lawn Issues

Watering your lawn keeps grass lush and green in the summer months, but too much water can cause significant damage to your property in the Overland Park area. From standing water that kills grass at the root to pest infestations and fungus, rainy weather and over-watering can lead to a host of problems for your lawn.

Wet Weather Lawn Problems

Wet weather brings insects, particularly when the lawn is not treated with a lawn insecticide during the warmer months of the year. Pest infestations combined with excess water weaken grass at the root. Grubs are one of the worst lawn pests. They can do significant damage if their numbers are not kept in check. Pest infestations should be treated as quickly as possible with a lawn insect treatment to prevent damage to grass and other plants on the property. Of course, prevention is the best answer to lawn pest control. So treat with a lawn insecticide early in the season.

Fungus is another common problem caused by excess water. Fungus thrives in warm, damp places, and is particularly problematic when temperatures remain between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If your lawn has brown patches, it’s probably due to a fungus. Brown spot fungus is very common during rainy summers when temperatures remain warm for long periods of time. Fungicide is the most effective solution to eliminating fungus on your lawn.

In addition to pests and fungus, overly wet lawns are prone to weed growth, and require more fertilizer than in drier weather. It is important to avoid applying fertilizer, pesticide or fungicide when rains are expected, as the rain removes the products and makes the treatment ineffective.

Caring for Your Lawn in Rainy Weather

A lawn that is properly aerated and thatched can resist some problems, but other factors are also important to consider when caring for a lawn during very rainy weather. For example, a properly functioning drainage system is vital to maintaining a healthy lawn. To determine whether your drainage system is working as it should, or whether you need to install a drainage system, check for puddles or flooded areas after a heavy rain.

If your lawn is suffering after heavy rains, contact Custom Lawn & Landscape in Overland Park for assistance in obtaining a lush, green lawn.


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