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4 Must-Have Items for your 4th of July Backyard Bash


The 4th of July is one of the most celebrated holidays in our country, and having friends and family over on this day is a long standing tradition. Yet, while everyone wants a successful party, nobody wants their lawn to look like the aftermath of a battle, which is why Custom Lawn has four items that will help protect your lawn when planning your 4th of July Bash.


While many fourth of July parties start before the sun goes down, the mass majority of them continue into the evening because of the fireworks. Proper lighting for when it gets dark can help guide people to the places you want them to go, instead of trampling on places they shouldn’t throughout your yard.

This is especially a good idea if you have little children who love to explore. Candles and lanterns will show them where they can and can’t explore, with the added bonus of styling your lawn. We suggest candles and lanterns that repel insects for an added bonus! This will keep guests happy and bug bite free, while also increasing the likelihood of keeping them close to the light sources to avoid the buggy areas.

Trash Receptacles

Any party produces a fair amount of trash. Thus, it is important to provide plenty of places for guests to dispose of their trash. Trash cans are typically used for their large size; however, they may ugly up your lawn in the process.

Clear plastic bags are a great alternative because you can attach one to almost anything simply and quickly. Such containers are also easier to dispose of and replace throughout the party as well.

Festive Decorations

A 4th of July bash isn’t complete without the red, white, and blue decorations! Not only will decorations these add to the overall ambiance of your yard, but if there are areas on your lawn you want guests to avoid, mark these areas off using streamers! This will keep company away from these areas of your yard, while also adding a festive touch to your party!


Although mostly thought of as a picnic item, blankets can help protect a lawn while also providing comfortable seating. Any attendee who is allergic or irritated by grass will thank you. It also provides a great place for children to play and engage in activities rather than running all over your property (this will also greatly reduce how dirty they might get.) Plus, these make great seats for when the fireworks start.

Just remember to gather up the blankets before you call it a night! Blankets left on the lawn during the day can result in disease & other lawn problems.

Helpful Hint: Don’t water your lawn the day of the event. Freshly watered grass is more susceptible to damage, and also not ideal if you’ll have guests sitting on your lawn. Make sure to leave plenty of time, we suggest at least 48 hours, for your lawn to dry before your guests arrive.

Contact Custom Lawn today for all of your lawn care needs! For more helpful tips to keep your lawn looking fresh all summer long, check out our blog!


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