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3 Wet Weather Lawn Issues & How to Prevent Them

wet-weather-lawn-problems-kc-lawn-care-custom-lawnMany areas in the U.S. are prone to oscillating rain patterns, especially in an El Nino year such as this, where fluctuating water temperatures in the ocean can bring seasons of heavy rain that will leave lawns all over the country waterlogged for days.

It’s important to be aware of wet weather lawn issues and how to prevent them from destroying your hard-earned backyard oasis. Custom Lawn explains the most common wet weather issues you’ll see in Kansas City, and how you can prevent them from wreaking havoc.


Insect Infestations

Insect infestations, such as grubs, can be a major problem as water sets up a breeding ground for insects. White grubs, which are actually the larvae of Japanese Beetles, destroy hours of hard work and hundreds of dollars by feeding on the roots of your lawn’s grass, resulting in patches of brown dead grass that can be easily pulled up.

The best solution to insect infestations is prevention. Contact Custom Lawn and Landscape to evaluate and treat your lawn for spiders, fleas, ticks, and underground insects such as grubs, to provide an eco-friendly solution that is safe for your family and pets while leaving your lawn healthy.

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Fungal Diseases

Fungus is another common problem during wet weather or over-watering of lawns. Since there are various types of lawn fungal diseases, signs can range from white, yellow or brown patches/rings to areas of darkened greasy looking grass. Lawn diseases such these can be prevented by always staying on top of your lawn’s health with a lawn maintenance program:

  • Aerate or loosen soil every one to two years
  • De-thatch by removing heavy buildup of lawn clippings
  • Use organic, slow-release fertilizers
  • Follow good mowing and watering practices

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Extensive Weed Growth

Weed growth is the result of overly saturated lawns that can arise from a week of spring rain or an overly wet summer and fall period. As any homeowner knows, weeds can be difficult to manage. Often, the type of weeds will need to be determined before you can select the proper type of herbicide to be applied. Other tips include:

  • Make sure your lawn care provider properly feeds your lawn with weed preventer in the spring, and then have them return every four to six weeks after that to tackle any stubborn weeds that are left over.
  • Water the lawn more deeply and less frequently to promote deep root growth.
  • Keep grass mowed at the proper height to shade weed seeds and prevent them from growing.


Does your lawn show signs of a struggle? Give the lawn care specialists at Custom Lawn & Landscape a call at (913) 782-8315 or schedule an appointment online today!



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