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Put 56 Hours Back in Your Summer – Hire a Pro to Mow Your Lawn

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The average homeowner in Kansas City spends an hour every time they mow their lawn (based on a half-acre lot). Since mowing season spans April through October, (28 weeks) and the average person mows twice a week (2 hours), that adds up to a whopping 56 hours spent just mowing. Of course, if your lot is larger, your mowing time is increased.

Why Hire Experts?

The bottom line is that proper lawn care takes an immense amount of time and energy, and in today’s busy world, it has become a task that many of us are happy to hand off to someone else. While it may be tempting to hire the teenager next door, he isn’t a lawn care expert. What money you may have saved will very likely be spent in repairing a damaged lawn in the future.

It may seem like a simple task, but maintaining a healthy lawn requires considerable knowledge. Mowing the grass too short, or at the wrong time, may leave your lawn vulnerable to disease or death.

Reasons to Choose a Professional Lawn Care Company to Mow Your Lawn

  • Convenience: Most of us have very little free time, and who wants to spend it mowing? Even a medium-sized lawn can be time-consuming to care for. Hiring a professional will allow you to spend your time at home doing something you actually want to.
  • Knowledge: What’s the best fertilizer for your type of grass? How often should you use it? What unique challenges does your climate pose? What are the signs of an unhealthy lawn, and what should you do about them? Most homeowners know little, if anything, about these subjects, and the neighborhood teenager will likely know much less. An expert possesses the knowledge to meet the unique needs of your lawn and be able to head off potential problems before they even start.
  • Personal Investment: A professional lawn care service cares about its reputation, and your lawn will show the whole neighborhood the quality job they do. They care just as much about your lawn looking great as you do.

While a professional lawn care company will certainly cost you more than the neighborhood teenager, they possess the knowledge and skills to keep your lawn healthy year round, making them well worth the investment.

With winter coming to an end, and a new  lawn care season looming, it’s important that you’re putting yourself and your lawn in the best position for future growth. Contact Custom Lawn and Landscaping to ensure your lawn gets the professional attention it requires.


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