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Overland Park Sprinkler Service

When it comes to sprinkler system installation, repair, or maintenance, Custom Lawn and Landscape is the sprinkler company to call in Overland Park. We can handle any of your irrigation system needs. At Custom Lawn & Landscape, we don’t just do sprinkler systems on the side. We have a nationally certified irrigation technician on staff who oversees every step. We can handle the following:


Our Sprinkler System Installations Are Designed to Be Efficient


Overland Park Sprinkler Repair ServiceThere is a lot of training and knowledge that goes into installing a sprinkler system properly. From distance to pressure to grade to zoning, our technicians are trained to install your sprinkler system with efficiency in mind. When Custom Lawn & Landscape installs a sprinkler system in your Overland Park lawn, it will not only keep your lawn green, but it will help conserve water as well.

Our systems are designed to be effective and efficient. Remember, you will pay to have a sprinkler system installed once, but you pay for the water it uses for as long as you live in your Overland Park home. Make sure your sprinkler system is designed to save you water and money – call Custom Lawn and Landscape.

Sprinkler Maintenance and Repairs

Sprinkler systems should be professionally winterized every fall so all water is blown out of the lines to avoid freezing and damage. Every spring when you turn your sprinkler system on, you should also check for leaks, damaged sprinkler heads, and to make sure watering patterns are correct. You should also check the control box to make sure it is programmed to provide the optimum amount of water. When we perform a sprinkler system checkup, we do all of these things. Whether we installed your sprinkler system in your Overland Park home or someone else did, we can provide maintenance and repair services. We may even be able to reduce your water bill by making a few tweaks and adjustments to a previously installed system.

Sprinkler System Specialists

Call Custom Lawn & Landscape for the best sprinkler systems in Overland Park. From installation to repairs to seasonal maintenance, Custom Lawn & Landscape will make sure your sprinkler system is as effective and efficient as possible.


Call Custom Lawn & Landscape for your Overland Park, KS Lawn Sprinkler Services at 913-782-8315

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  • Your Personal Technician has a college degree, is experienced, and is your trusted advisor.
  • Environmentally Responsible Approach - Our top concerns are you and your family’s safety & the long term health of our beautiful planet.
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  • Our goal is to always provide honest advice & real solutions to our customers.
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