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Sprinkler and Irrigation Winterization in Overland Park


sprinkler blowout winterization overland park homesCustom Lawn provides lawn sprinkler and irrigation winterization for Overland Park homeowners. At Custom Lawn & Landscape, we know the winters can be cold and unforgiving, which makes sprinkler winterization critical.

With temperatures dipping well below freezing at times, it is important to not overlook the water in the lines and winterize your sprinkler system. When the water freezes, it can damage and split lines, causing not only costly repairs next season but also high water bills.

Why Do Sprinkler Systems Freeze?

When it comes time to get everything ready for winter, don’t forget the sprinkler system. Summer was great in Overland Park, but sadly it’s gone. The leaves are falling and reminding us that the time has come to get our home and yard ready for the freezing temperatures of winter. Raking, pruning, mulching and let us not forget our sprinkler winterization as well. Typically a sprinkler system is not below the frost line so it will be subject to freezing. Out of sight, out of mind is not good in this instance. Even though your sprinkler system is buried below the lawn it has faithfully watered throughout the warm weather, you need to make sure the proper steps are taken for your sprinkler winterization.

Professional Sprinkler Winterization Helps Avoid Costly Damage

Ease your worries and let our team of professionals at Customer Lawn and Landscape handle this task for you. We will make sure your water supply is turned off and force water out with compressed air if necessary. Open valves will release pressure so your pipes can drain and reduce the possibility of costly freeze damage. So don’t wait for mother nature to damage your sprinkler system with her freezing temperatures, winterize your sprinkler system soon. Give Custom Lawn and Landscape a call and let us, the professionals in Overland Park, handle this for you and put your mind at ease.

Call Us to Schedule Sprinkler Winterization in Overland Park

Custom Lawn and Landscape in Overland Park is ready to take the pressure off you and your sprinkler system with a professional sprinkler winterization so you know nothing was missed. With all the problems winter brings, let us make this one less thing to worry about. Give us a call today and get that scheduled, for your own peace of mind.


Call Custom Lawn & Landscape for your Overland Park, KS Lawn Sprinkler Winterization Services at 913-782-8315


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