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Guarantees & Promotions

First and most importantly, if we don’t meet your expectations on any of our services or products, please let us know immediately via one of our many communication channels, so we can go into action and come up with a solution quickly. We can’t work on what we don’t know.

Custom Lawn guarantees our service to be done at the best level we can possibly provide. When dealing with nature, there are variables out of our control. We strive to provide an up front expectation of what each one of our services intends to accomplish, what we will do, what we will charge and what the customers responsibility is after the service is complete.

We promise to work with each individual until the value they paid for the service is realized. We don’t want to take advantage of any trust a customer gives us. We realize things go wrong, especially when dealing with the environment, and we will work to make things right when ever possible.

When things go wrong and no solution is reachable that allows for our customers to feel we have given them what they have paid for, we ask a simple question. What do you feel like you received and how much should you pay for that? We are very simple, honest and easy to do work with, and we plan to keep it that way forever!

Sprinkler Winterization:

We will let you know at the time we do your sprinkler winterization if we are able to get all of the water out of your system. If we are able to get all the water out, we guarantee that your sprinkler won’t suffer any damage from freezing water. If your sprinkler system sustains any damage from freezing water, we will repair the damaged components when we activate the system the next year. The activation will be done at the normal sprinkler system activation price but any repairs done by freezing water, will be done for free.

If the winterization results in an incomplete removal of all the water from the system, either at the time of the winterization or in the future i.e. a valve leaking or a valve that is not accessible or available to remove all the water, the sprinkler expert will inform the customer of the deficiency and indicate that he has done all he can to properly winterize the system, indicate the exact deficiencies and recommend a course of action with prices, required to repair those things that prevent the system from being properly winterized.

Lawn Seeding:

When seeding your lawn, we guarantee to apply the best seed and best additives to help the seed as they were ordered by our customers. We guarantee to work with our customers, letting them know in clear terms, what they are responsible for doing after the seed has been applied. If all terms and conditions are followed by the customer as determined by a meeting between the customer and a lawn expert, and the seeding fails, we will, at no charge, re-seed the lawn until the results the customer wants, are achieved. If it is determined by a lawn expert and the customer, that proper followup care was not provided, the lawn expert and the customer will agree on a new course of action and price for that course of action before any additional seeding is done.

Other Instances:

If we do any damage to your property or property of others while we are servicing your property, you are required to notify us as soon as possible after the damage is done. We will dispatch an account manager if necessary to confirm the damage and will begin the repair process immediately. We guarantee that any damage we do to your property with our people, equipment or products will be repaired to the expectations of the initial sale, by us at no charge. We will use our people when ever possible to repair and re-do work. In the event the damage is done to an area or part of your property that we do not regularly care for, we will first work with our network of repair people to find a complete solution to repair the damage. In some cases, when we determine that we can not provide a solution, we will reimburse the customer for any repairs they have to pay for due to damage done by our people, equipment or products.

Referral Bonus:

Referring party receives full referral amount in agreed upon form (credit or gift) after the referred party meets 1 of the following criteria: Pays for their second service in a lawn care program, mowing program or home insect control program, or spends and pays for services over $500. Referred party also will receive the full referral amount in the agreed upon form (credit or gift) after the referred party meets 1 of the following criteria: Pays for their second service in a lawn care program, mowing program or home insect control program, or spends and pays for services over $500. There is no limit to the number of times a person may refer a new customer, but a customer can only be referred by one person one time. Previous or moved customers can not qualify for referral bonus as a referred party. Referred customers must be new customers.

For legal information on our company, please visit the page: Terms Of Use

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The Custom Lawn Advantage

  • Your Personal Technician has a college degree, is experienced, and is your trusted advisor.
  • Environmentally Responsible Approach - Our top concerns are you and your family’s safety & the long term health of our beautiful planet.
  • Always available with a friendly voice.
  • Our goal is to always provide honest advice & real solutions to our customers.
  • We provide full service-residential & commercial lawn care, mowing, & irrigation services. We also maintain your trees, shrubs and landscape.
  • Locally owned by the same family since 1981.

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