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Spring is on its way! Time To Apply Pre-emergent.

Pre-emergent herbicide, simply put, is a weed killer that you put downpreemergent crabgrass on a bare lawn before those weeds have a chance to grow. While it’s just one component of the bigger plan to giving you a fantastic, weed-free lawn, pre-emergents can really make or break your lawn for the season.

Custom Lawn breaks down the reasons you’ll want to apply pre-emergents, and most importantly, why it needs to be done now!

On The Lawn

Crabgrass is often one of the biggest motivators to put down pre-emergent herbicide. By the time you see crabgrass on your lawn, it’s already too late. The best way to beat that troublesome weed is to catch it before it can start.

What other chores should you be taking care of before summer hits? Check Custom Lawn’s Spring Lawn Checklist.

We recommend long-lived pre-emergents like Barricade (prodiamine) or Dimension (dithiopyr) that are effective with one application. These products control crabgrass, foxtail, and other hard to handle weeds all season long. One key thing to remember is that there are no pre-emergent herbicides that you can apply to your lawn that will prevent broad-leaf weeds like dandelions. The products are simply not available to home owners or commercial companies. If you are being told differently, buyer beware! 

When applying pre-emergent after mid April, choose a product that kills existing crabgrass, while preventing future growth. Some companies opt for applying pre-emergent in December which lasts through the following spring and summer. No matter how you choose to apply pre-emergent to your lawn, it’s important to properly time your application so you will be able to seed in the fall. Applying pre-emergent by April 15th will have you covered for both preventing summer weeds and being prepared to seed in the fall if necessary.

In Your Flower Beds

Flower Bed PreparationIf your green thumb extends beyond your turf, your pre-emergent should, too. Why waste hours pulling weeds this summer when you could prevent them from ever popping up in the first place? Make sure you talk with your lawn care professional to confirm that your flower beds are treated, to help take the work out of a beautiful yard.

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