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Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Company in Olathe

Custom Lawn is based in Olathe and serves the entire Johnson County area. We are equipped to handle treatments for the emerald ash borer. For ten years we have known it was coming our way and the Missouri Department of Conservation confirmed it inJuly of 2012. The invasive insect was positively identified in Parkville, MO. The Emerald Ash Borer is an extremely destructive insect that can destroy a mature ash tree in just a few seasons if left untreated. They key to saving your ash trees is prevention. Don’t wait until you notice signs of infestation. The emerald ash borer has already been making its way to our area, so get your ash trees identified and treated as soon as possible to prevent destruction and loss.

The Johnson County Area Could Lose Thousands of Ash Trees

If you live in the Olathe, Overland Park, Lenexa, Shawnee, Leawood, and surrounding areas and have ash trees, or are unsure about which kinds of trees you have, one of our tree and shrub experts can come and identify any ash trees on your property. It is very important to get any ash trees identified and treated whether they are infected or not. Treating the trees before the EAB (emerald ash borer) arrives will keep the tree healthy and the bugs away. How to Identify an Ash Tree: Young Ash Trees have smooth bark that gets deep ridges as it ages. Look for leaves that have 5-9 leaflets per leaf, arranged directly across from each other.

Symptoms of Emerald Ash Borer Infestation:

1. The first thing to look for is dieback up in the leaves or canopy of the tree. The EAB lays its eggs in the branches at the top of the tree where the larvae start feeding and work their way down.

2. Also look for new sprouts forming at the base of the tree.

3. The adult emerald ash borer is small, only measuring 10-15 mm and has a metallic green color (hence the “emerald”). It leaves a D-shaped exit hole when it emerges in June, so look for these in the bark.

4. Emerald ash borers also attract woodpeckers so look for woodpecker damage in the bark as well.

Ash Tree Treatment Plan

Prevention is the best treatment. The trees require specialty insecticides that are only available to licensed tree and shrub professionals. If already infected, but treated with the right concentrations, many trees can be saved. But the best defense is to treat all ash trees before an infestation occurs. Call Custom Lawn and Landscape in Olathe today and make sure your ash trees survive and thrive despite the Emerald Ash Borers.

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