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Weeds That Won’t Go Away? Here’s The Best Time To Fight Them

fall-lawn-weeds-prevention-custom-lawn-kansas-cityDid you know that fall is one of the most critical seasons for the health and vitality of your lawn? Without proper care and maintenance now, your lawn may not be able to rally and become the thick, lush yard you look forward to each spring and summer.

By neglecting fall weed control, your lawn may awaken from its winter dormancy choked with weeds and severely malnourished. Custom Lawn is breaking down the details, right now:

How Fall Weed Control Will Help Your Yard Next Spring

You probably thought the weeds would just die off with the arrival of freezing temperatures, but that’s a common misconception. Weeds may look dead, but like the grass plants themselves, they’re just entering a period of dormancy for the winter, preparing to rebound in the spring. In the meantime, they’ll steal valuable nutrients from your lawn this winter.Free-Month-by-Month-Lawn-Care-Guide

Common Kansas City Weeds to Combat This Fall

Common weeds in the Midwest include dandelions, sedge, yellow wood sorrel, chickweed and henbit. Unless you kill these weeds in the fall, they’ll take over your yard, robbing it of much-needed nutrients and moisture. Do this NOW, not in the spring when they’ve already taken hold and damaged your lawn beyond repair.

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The Prime Time for Kansas City Lawn Care Is NOW!

Fall is the prime time for preventive lawn care, such as thatching, aerating, controlling weeds and feeding. It’s a lot of work, and requires specialized tools and to be done correctly, it requires the expertise of a lawn care professional. In the Kansas City area, the professionals with the most experience (more than 30 years worth) and an ecological approach that’s good for the environment and your wallet, is Custom Lawn & Landscape. We provide Johnson County residents with every service needed to create and maintain a vibrant, healthy lawn.

Give us a call today at (913) 648-9404 and let us handle your fall lawn care needs so you can enjoy a healthy and vigorous lawn in the spring!


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