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When to Start Doing Business with a New Lawn Care Company

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After last year’s growing season, how did you feel about your lawn care company? Did they do a good job? While many factors play into the performance of a lawn care team, there are a few telltale signs that it’s time to call in a more reliable team, like the lawn care experts at Custom Lawn & Landscape, who provide lawn care service in Olathe, KS and the Kansas City metro.

Your Neighbors’ Have No Problem Keeping a Well Kept Lawn & You’re Struggling

lawn mowing thick grassIf you’re struggling to keep your lawn looking presentable but your neighbors’ lawns are flourishing, your lawn care company or DIY may be to blame.

Some underlying factors, like soil type, seasonal droughts, etc., can cause widespread area problems, but if your lawn is the only one on the block that’s not green it may be time to change your Overland Park area lawn care company.

You See Little Improvement from One Growing Season to The Next

Lawn care is always ongoing, and takes time to make large improvements. You can’t rush mother nature, but you should be able to see a gradual improvement in your lawn from one growing season to the next.

If your lawn is still lacking after much time and effort, you may want to reassess your lawn care company. Like we mentioned above, there are reasons behind some persistent lawn problems, but if you’ve done your research and come up dry for an answer, the problem may be the caretakers of your yard.

From Gardner to Overland Park, hire a lawn care company who understands the soil and grass species that are native to the area. Our lawn care specialists are continuously trained in the art of lawn care and the best practices to keep soil and shrubbery healthy.

Call Custom Lawn today at (913) 782-8315  to change your lawn care company before the next growing season.


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