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Time Is Running Out! Get Your Sprinkler System Winterized NOW!

Frozen Sprinkler Head

Winter’s almost here, let’s winterize that lawn!  First on the most important list of late fall chores is to winterize your sprinkler system. It’s important to know how to avoid a cold weather catastrophe. Read on to find out how the professionals at Custom Lawn & Landscape can prepare your backflow preventer and  sprinkler system for winter weather.


Step 1: “Blow Out” Your Sprinkler System

“Blowing out” your sprinkler system involves using an air compressor to blow out any water that is remaining in the system before the first hard freeze.

Why is this important? Water left in pipes and sprinkler heads will expand when frozen and cause them to break or burst. If you are lucky and the pipes don’t break, sprinkler system components will likely still be damaged. Rest assured they will malfunction when the time comes to turn your system back on. Forgetting this step could cost you thousands in damage, so make sure to call Custom to schedule an appointment!

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Step 2: Don’t Forget About The Backflow Preventer

backflow-preventer-lawncare-winterization-custom-lawnThe backflow preventer performs a crucial task in a sprinkler system — it prevents contaminated water from “backflowing” into your drinking water! It’s essential to prepare this device for winter because the consequences of it failing can be hazardous to your communities health.

In the U.S., there are numerous documented cases of illness resulting from the backflow of hazardous substances. To avoid damage and to protect your family’s health, it’s crucial to have the professionals drain your backflow preventer properly.

The first prolonged freeze is fast approaching, so schedule an appointment as soon as possible or give us a call at 913-648-9404 to have your system winterized today!



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