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Summer Lawn Care Lovin’ for Your Lenexa Yard

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There are few things a homeowner can take as much pride in as a well groomed lawn. It is one of the first things visitors will notice about a house and it will enhance the overall appearance of a property. Summer lawn care for your Lenexa yard is essential to maintaining a lush, healthy bed of grass throughout the hot months.

Mowing Correctly Makes a Big Difference

There are some simple summer lawn care tips that can help anyone maintain a green and full lawn all year round. One of the most important methods of caring for the lawn is something everyone does anyway, mowing. The trick is to make sure the lawn mower is set to the optimum height. It should cut the grass no shorter than one third the length of the blade of grass. This helps the grass stay healthy as each blade is an individual plant and must use its blade for photosynthesis to make food. The longer the blade, the more sunlight it can absorb. This will encourage the roots to grow deeper. The longer grass also provides shade to keep the ground cool and should help keep the moisture locked in the soil.

Water Deeply and Less Frequently for a Healthy Lawn

Watering your lawn during the summer months is another critical step in maintaining a healthy lawn. The key to this is to water thoroughly once or twice a week rather than supplying the lawn with frequent light waterings. This will help train the grass to ration the water, grow deeper roots and prepare it for periods of drought. Watering should be done in the early morning to avoid losing the water to evaporation. This also helps prevent fungi from growing.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Lawn during the Hot Months

There are many other steps that can help keep a lawn looking its best over the summer. Weed it frequently. Avoid fertilizing it during the hot months as it will encourage new grass to grow that isn’t prepared for the heat. In certain cases, it may be necessary to use fungicides or pesticides to curb problems. Anyone who wishes to maintain a healthy yard throughout the year should be diligent in their care and maintenance of the grass. Once a lawn goes brown in the summer, there is no restoring it until the cooler weather of the fall.


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