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How to Tune Up Your Lawn Mower Like A Pro

tune-up-stepsEven if you don’t work in lawn care, you can’t deny that the smell of freshly cut grass smells like summer. But before you can get in the swing of the summer season and begin mowing your lawn, it’s important to get your mower ready.



Just like a car, your mower needs the occasional tune up, and what better time than the beginning of the season? Let Custom Lawn & Landscape walk you through the steps to tuning up your lawn mower to get ready for a summer full of mowing!

Step 1: Unplug & Clean

Of course, safety first! Make sure you wear appropriate eye protection, gloves, and clothing to keep safe while working on your mower.

  • Disconnect the Spark Plug – Before anything else, disconnect your mower from any and all power sources. This step protects you from the possibility of an accidental start.
  • Scrape the Deck – Clean off any old, dried grass from last season. You may be surprised how much was leftover!
  • Clean the Flywheel – Uncover the flywheel and dust the fins off with a paint brush. If you routinely run your mower in very dusty conditions, considering taking the time to clean this area again midseason.

Step 2: Make Replacements

  • Replace the Air Filter – If your filter has been damaged at all, replace it with a fresh filter. Otherwise, just clear away any buildup of debris.
  • Change the Spark Plug – Remove any combustion residue with a wire brush and appropriate cleaner and check for any damage. If the electrode is worn, it’s time to replace the plug.
  • Sharpen the Blade – Keeping your mower blade sharp can make a huge difference in the quality of cut your lawn receives. Take the time to sharpen your mower blade, and be amazed at how much healthier and even your lawn looks after you mow.
    • Not sure you’re up for sharpening that blade on your own? Custom Lawn will do it for you – just drop off your mower blade and we’ll call you when the job is done!
  • Replace Oil and Gas – Change the oil in your mower, if you didn’t already change it this fall before you put it in storage. If you don’t change the oil, add any oil necessary until it reaches the recommended level. Go through the same process with the gas in your mower’s tank.

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Step 3: Wrap Up

Once you’ve switched out and spruced up each part of your mower, it’s time to clean up and get mowing!

  • Reconnect the Spark Plug – Only once you’re totally finished working on your mower should you reconnect the moving pieces to their power source.
  • Replace Housing – Of course, one of the last steps is to replace anything you had to remove to get to the inner workings of your mower. Make sure every piece is securely fastened back in place before you start it up.

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Lawn care is a lot of work. If tuning up your mower is about as much as you’re willing to do this season, give Custom Lawn & Landscape a call at (913) 782-8315. We’ll take care of everything from lawn mowing to a full-service lawn care program, so you don’t have to.


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