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How to Adjust Your Sprinkler System for Fall

sprinkler adjustmentDuring the fall, adjusting your sprinkler system should be part of your regular outdoor maintenance. In the early part of fall, when it’s still hot outside, your lawn may still need to be watered at the summer rate. As fall goes on, however, you’ll find that your lawn needs less water–and you need to adjust your sprinkler system to meet the changing needs of your lawn.

Check Your Lawn’s Water Needs

As a general rule of thumb, your lawn needs an average of 2 inches of water per week during the hot, dry summer and .5 inches of water per week during the fall. If you need help determining the exact needs of your lawn, avoid the guessing game or damaging your lawn and contact a lawn care professional! We’ll help you get your sprinkler system adjusted for fall and ensure that your lawn is set for success.

Install a Rain Sensor if Necessary

Many areas see an increase in rainfall as fall rolls in, making it necessary to shift the amount of water that plants are getting to compensate. You don’t want to over-water, which could stimulate new growth when you want it least. Instead, install a rain sensor to shut off your regularly scheduled watering session when the grass already has enough water.

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Prepare to Winterize Your System.

At the end of fall, you’ll need to winterize your sprinkler system–that is, turn it off for the cold winter months and remove all the water from the system so it won’t freeze. This should happen well before you expect the first freeze in Kansas City.

During the later part of fall, your lawn doesn’t need to be watered anyway, as the grass will be mostly dormant for the winter months. Contact a professional to winterize your system so that you can be sure it’s done properly and that it will work exactly the way you need it to in the spring.

Having a professional on hand makes it easier to keep up with your lawn care routine! When you’re ready to winterize your system, contact us to schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure your sprinkler system is in working order all year long.


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